Wednesday, 18 March 2020

CCLIV. AoS28: Deadwalker Paragons and Hounds

Deadwalker Paragons

Deadwalker Paragons are reanimated remains of great heroes from Sunhold's history.

The models are 40mm resin knights from V&V Miniatures. They're fantastic sculpts and casts; I will surely be purchasing more models from them in the future. In my usual fashion, I converted the minis: most notably replaced their original heads with death's head helmets sculpted from scratch. 

Paragons tower over lesser men.

Deadwalker Hounds

Warlord Games and North Star doggos. Drilled out their eye holes and gave them an appropriately filthy, dusty paintjob.

And here are their Fabula profiles:

Take care, everyone.


  1. Fantastic work - I love the dirty old paintscheme! The heads you sculpted work perfectly.

  2. Brilliant as usual! I like the way you’re working with the slightly smaller scale of the Perry sculpts. The ogres in your last post are just the right size and bulk compared to the smaller historical-scale humans, and these almost-giants look perfectly intimidating.

  3. Those dogs are terrifying. Well done.

  4. Scary as hell, what a work!!

  5. Great looking Deadwalker Paragons and hounds.

  6. I really like these Deadwalker Paragons. They are a more noble take on undead, and a welcome breath of fresh air (though, that could be said about all of your stuff). They are distinctly their own thing, but it still meshes well with all of the other denizens of Outgard. Hollowing out the dogs’ eyes really gives them a haunting tone. Great work.