Saturday, 23 November 2019

CCXLIII. The Bronze Bulls Warcry Warband

In my second take on the Iron Golems I did more conversion work, and gave them an alternative background. 

Ogor Breacher

The Bronze Bulls wear horned helmets, in honour of ther sigil. I sculpted the horns out of Magic-sculpt, which has the best properties for the task. I doesn't bend when cured, and was easily shaped, bent and installed on the helmets at different stages of curing.


The symbol on the signum is the symbol for theZodiac sign Taurus. I sculpted it with Magic-sculpt.


The minis were primed using my usual method of white over black spray, and then painted using very thin paint.


The abundance of details that makes the models busy is toned down by not accentuating certain details of the sculpts, and by keeping them rather flat and murky.

This monotony is broken by the individual armour scales, one per model, picked out in vivid red. This is a trick used by this warband to gain advantage in combat. The tiny spot of red instinctively attracts the eye - distracting the enemy, if only for a split second. Sometimes that moment is enough.


Another way of confusing the foe by employing colour is through one of the Legionary models. In contrast to the other warband members, her armour is painted red. It screams for attention, potentially making the foe focus on the lowly Legionary while the more powerful warriors use that confusion to their advantage. These Red Legionaries are highly regarded by their peers for their valour, as they tend to have a high mortality rate.

The Bronze Bulls' gimmicky use of red was inspired by this bracelet designed to protect against the evil eye, which I found in a book about folk medicine:

 *   *   *

In other news, I bought a model from the amazing @ingrimmson. It was love at first sight and I simply had to add it to my collection. Luckily, he agreed to part with it. The plan is to paint it and use it in my AoS28 games. :)


  1. Superb work with your second take on the Iron Golems. Are you going to re-interpret the Untamed Beasts again, as well? I know you were less keen on them to begin with.

    I always love to see where you take inspiration from, always from less conventional sources. The lone red scales add a nice point of interest and a cool piece of lore for them. Incorporating the zodiac sign is a nice touch, as well.

    ingrimmson's skeleton is a recent favorite of his. It is nice to hear that he is now in your storied collection.

    1. Thank you! Yes, I'll be painting the Untamed Beasts again as well.

  2. I keep looking at those red scales, I guess I wouldn't do very well fighting the bronze bulls ;) Great work and really cool piece of lore that you made for them - I saw them first on Instagram and I liked it, but now, seeing that you've had such an unusual inspiration for it, makes it even better!

  3. Wow, I find this take on the band fascinating. Really characterful, I love every bit!

  4. Great work, and the background lore is a nice touch.

  5. Spot colour for tactical advantage! A perfect adaptation to your darker and dirtier style, and a really cool idea.

    That's a very cool conversion you picked up, too. I'm sure it will look fantastic with your paint on it!

  6. How do you get the texture on the rusted armour?? would love to see a step by step! Lovely work as always!

    1. Thanks! I did something similar on my first Iron Golems:

  7. Your conversion work is a huge upgrade on these models and your brushwork, as always, is outstanding.

  8. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!!

  9. I like the red dot distraction tactics. Things like that really bring your characters to life.


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