Thursday, 7 November 2019

CCXLI. Stranger Mk.11 and Ghouls

Stranger Mk.11 finally done. I've written about this figure earlier this year, but I only now finished the piece. I planned to sculpt a mechanical dog, but in the end I just gave it a base and called it done. It was sitting in limbo for too long.

*   *   *

Crypt Ghouls for the vampires I showed last week.

These are converted from Goblin Town goblins. The replacement heads are copied from the Grymwatch ghouls.

Grymwatch ghouls, from Warhammer Underworlds.


  1. OMG your Stranger Mk.11 is awesome. A wonderful tribute to Ian Miller's work.

  2. Oh, I missed it when you originally posted the Stranger, it's incredible. I find it jaw dropping that you managed to get such an awesome result with that palette. It's simply perfect.
    I also love the Ghouls, pretty nice use for the Goblins. Fantastic work!

  3. The Stranger came out looking fantastic! Shame about the dog not working out, but that's just how it goes sometimes.

    Those Goblins really do make great bases for Ghouls. One of these days I need to get around to picking up a box of them just to have on hand as conversion bases. The actual Grymwatch ones came out looking great, too!

  4. Great work. My Stranger is the same way, stuck in limbo. I actually plan to do a similar color scheme as yours, but in tans instead of grays.

  5. The 'stranger' looks great.

    As soon as I saw the 'crypt ghouls' for Beastgrave I wondered what you would do with them. They are wonderful sculpts anyway but you have just taken them to another level!!

  6. This is really beautiful. You're an incredible artist.

  7. I love the Stranger, both Miller's original artwork and your take on its miniaturized version. I think that the minimal color palette that you used really fits with the aesthetic that Miller achieves with his artwork. I have been considering buying the model from Red Piano Miniatures for awhile now, but know that it would just sit in a box untouched.

    Always nice to see another use for the Goblin Town Goblins. Who would have predicted that kit would see so much use!

    1. Hi ana, was wonder what the SQUIRT bottles were you put Agrax earth shade and Nul Oil in.. I have gotten bottles but their nozzles keep popping out and other terrible things. If you know where to get them please advise....... and also amazing work :).

    2. Hi! I bought them on ebay years ago, and I just don't remember any more precise information on them. Sorry :/