Friday, 4 January 2019

CCI. Cult of the Possessed: A Darksoul

New Year - new group project. I've been summoned once more by Alexander of Echoes of Imperium to contribute to an event he's organizing. This time it's Mordheim MMXIX, a celebration of the 20 year anniversary of the game's release. The list of people involved is impressive, and I can't wait to see all they produce in one place. If you want to follow along, check this post on Echoes of Imperium, as well as #mordheim2019 on Instagram.

For my warband, I opted for Cult of the Possessed. It'll be a band of crazed cultists following a dangerous madman. My first model is one of the two planned Darksouls:

Darksouls in Mordheim lore are described as follows:

Darksouls are men who have been driven insane by the daemonic possession which became all too common after the destruction of Mordheim. The Daemons have left the bodies of these men, but their minds have been scarred by the horror of the experience.Their insane strength makes Darksouls dangerous fighters. The Cultists regard them as holy men, and let them work out their unreasoning rage in battle. In their tortured minds the Darksouls believe themselves to be Daemons. They wear leering daemonic masks and garb themselves in armour and clothing resembling the scaled skin of Daemons.

I liked the idea of such costumed cultists. This one is based on carnival bell ringer costumes from Grobnik in Croatia:

Photo by Charles Fréger. From the Wilder Mann project.

The conversion is based on a Nurgle Rotter from Bloodbowl. The club is from a Chainrasp. The ox skull is from the 'Animal Skulls & Bones' pack from Kromlech, but its horns were tiny so I made my own. And I drilled some eye holes for the chap to see through.


  1. Great idea and fantastic model performance. Bravo!

  2. Wow, shivering!! Marvellous work.

  3. Great take, very different from the usual as normally I’ve seen the demonic element played up over this buffalo warrior/pagan style look - which I much prefer :)

  4. Very nice. It reminds me of the movie Gladiator where one hapless man wearing half a cow is effortlessly struck down by Russel Crowe. Mordheim is great and I am planning to do a lot of it myself this year, so I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the setting.

  5. That's superb! Your miniatures that draw on folkloric and folk-culture inspirations are a real treat.

  6. I had forgotten about Darksouls. Such a cool concept, and you've got a great interpretation of it here!

  7. You just keep bringing amazing stuff out of that Blood Bowl box! Cool piece of folklore too - and great work turning it into an amazing miniature :)