Tuesday, 29 September 2015

XCI. Crews

New members for four of the factions. A painting spree.

The Fairy faction got more little blue fairies. These are a mix of GW Wood Elf sprites and Nurglings converted using sprite parts. Some are new and some I'd made before (those were just rebased from 30mm to 25mm bases). Nasty little buggers.
Another Brute for the Troglodytes. I transplanted a goblin head on a Plaguebearer and completed the conversion with Horror arms. Here he is, hanging out with the first Brute.
Orderly #2 for the Plague Doctor's team. I used the same base model as for the original
Orderly - a 40K Chaos Cultist. While #1 is armed with a poison smoke thrower, the new arrival wields a blunderbuss.
And finally, a completely new unit type for the Countess. I knew I was going to add the plastic Spirit Host to the crew as soon as they got released.There are nine single spirits in the box, so there are still more to paint.

*   *   *
Group shots of the crews:


Plague Doctor


*The tainted Rats and Rat Kings also belong in here, but there is just too many of the vermin.
**I had difficulties fitting all the spirits in the picture, so this time I had to leave out some of them.

*   *   *
As per request, a photo of my graveyard terrain built so far. Download to see in full size.


  1. Amazing work! I could not say which faction I like most.

  2. Great work! The fairies are amazing, I especially like the fat Nurgling based ones.

  3. Oh my, epicness in full display here :D The mood of the miniatures and the terrain is just so inspirational and something I want to achieve myself with my FG project.

  4. Stunning......your crews are just pure magic! I love them all

  5. Stupendous work, and I love how each crew is distinct, but fits the overall theme so well.

    Of the additions, the brute is a real standout.

  6. Loving the Plague Doctor and Fac factions.

    Can't wait to see more.

  7. Brilliant stuff! Such amazing vision, Ana. It's been a pleasure following your progress so far!

  8. Wow, I had forgotten or just hadn't realized just quite how many wonderful minis you had created. It's a shame you couldn't of fitted in the Countesses ulterior forms, they're easily some of my favorites.

    In any event I think I might just have to go through your blog and watch you put them all together again. :P

  9. What a beautiful world you've envisioned.

  10. It's great to see the contrasting visual aesthetic of each faction when the groups are assembled. I particularly love the monochromatic followers of the Countess and the glowing blue of the Fae.

  11. Thank you all for your comments! :)

  12. A tour-de-force, Ana. Absolutely outstanding.

  13. This nightmare fairy tale of yours is stunning. Everything is pure gold but I guess my favourites are the fae, no wait the medicals, no wait... argh it's so hard to choose :D

    Have you considered what kind of music would fit to havr in the background for a game? Perhaps something like the soundtrack from Bloodborne or perhaps Diamanda Gala?

    1. Thank you Alexander!

      I haven't thought that much about it, to be honest. Bloodborne soundtrack would be great, as well as Diablo II and Diablo III expansion Reaper of Souls soundtracks. I can also imagine a large portion of Therion's discography would work. And dark ambient music. Could probably find more if I thought about it harder. I haven't heard of Diamanda Galás before, she sounds interesting. Thanks for the tip. :) Got any more suggestions? Now you inspired me to start a collection of music pieces; something I already do with images for reference and inspiration...

  14. Delighted to have inspired you a bit :)

    Dark ambient would work very well and perhaps some operas, for a more baroque sound. Something like a cross between a catholic hymn and a dark mass ;)

    Are you familiar with Malice Mizer? Most of their stuff might be too poppy but Bara No Seidu would be lovely to have in the background for a dust up between the Countess and fae.

  15. Awesome. I love your aesthetic. Your conversions are brilliant. Nurglings into sprites- great idea and perfectly executed. I'd love to use your world as a setting for a D&D campaign. Great job!

  16. Such amazing work all around, keep it up.