Friday, 18 September 2015

XC: The Cemetery Project vol.9

Finally got my hands on a set of Renedra plastic gravestones. Affordable kit and also nice sculpts. Most of the stones in there are generic enough to fit into any setting. For starters I used them to make two smaller and two larger area terrain pieces and three lines of tombstones. Something you'll probably notice in the pictures is that I also obtained some miniature ivy; it's from MiniNatur. I went back and added it to some of the already finished terrain pieces as well.

*   *   *

Right after that I felt ready to tackle the two lamp posts I planned on making. The metal lamps are from Wyrd (sadly, now out of print), and their stone bases were assembled from plaster copies of various bits. The techniques and the procedure have already been explained in previous posts, so I won't ramble about that.

Work in progress shot. Moulds and freshly cast parts.

Lamp post right before painting.
Lamp #1.
Lamp #2.

Next on the list for the graveyard are the stone walls from Garden of Morr. Those are swarming with skulls... But since I miss painting miniatures I might do some of those again. We shall see.


  1. fabulous. your terrain is a treat, and your gaming board is going to look fantastic with it all on there (pic please :) )

  2. As always, very nice and atmospheric piece.

  3. Kickass.
    You should paint some oldschool undead in similar fashion.

  4. That is very nice. Lovely place to haunt.

  5. Looking great, and very inspirational. I wish we could see everything set up with some figures "in play"

  6. Fantastic, as always. I pick up so many little tricks and hints from you! I also got those books you mentioned a while back, great recommendation, thank you!

  7. Thanks, everyone! :)

    I'll try to make some pics of my graveyard table set up one of these days.

  8. Hmm, I wonder if OO Gauge model rail lampposts would be good alternatives, the scale for OO gauge is 20mm IIRC, so they might come out a little small, but basing them like you are, it might work.

    As an added bonus, most modern makes also have working LED lights in them so you could light up your battlefield.....