Sunday, 6 April 2014

LVII. Miscellaneous

    Speedpainted another three Troglodyte workers:

    Just three more will make ten, and that's where I'll stop. This is he filthy horde so far:

    *   *   *

    Little by little I cleaned up and assembled another Citadel Wood kit. On the first tree I tried out a new colour scheme. What do you think? It's still a work in progress; I add a bit to the paintjob whenever I feel inspired.

    *   *   *

    Now let's take just a tiny peek at what's a bit further up the pipeline, shall we?

    A small pile of metal has acumulated-  miniatures waiting for their turn at the painting desk:

    I have two brand new factions more or less planned out, and a number of mercenaries as well. One of those two factions will get a feature post shortly, as soon as all the members come in through the post.

    *   *   *

    And in the end, a couple of recent discoveries I'd like to share with you. 
    First: Paints, Pencils and Plastics, a blog by Jordan Lee. It started recently, and Jordan and his friend are working on a project a lot like Spiky Rat Pack's Punk Moth, only set in the Old World rather than the 40K universe. In his own words:

    "With Project Morrslieb, we hope to create a grand experience set within the dark underbelly of the Old World of Warhammer Fantasy. Using custom rules based upon the Mordheim ruleset, converted models from the Games Workshop range and a board of our own designing we will construct a story that will chill the blood and be all round delightful to play {Insert evil chuckle here}."

    I find that it has a lot of potential and I've been following his progress from the very beginning. : )

    The other discovery was Mannikin Studios, a miniature company that makes resin miniatures based on Arthur Rackham's artwork. They are beautiful sculpts, and even more awesome if you're a fan of A. Rackham's work. I ordered one already and I'll do a short review when it arrives.



    1. The troglodyte horde looks great as does the paint on the tree... not too brown, nor too grey.

      Some cool stuff in your to-do pile. The two Rackham minis with the overly tall tophats especially caught my eye.

      1. Thanks Finch! The guys with tophats are Cadwe Undertakers, but when I'm done with them they'll be something else entirely.

    2. Amazing stuff! Really like the paint scheme for the trees and it's very close to what I've been brainstorming myself for the forests in Project Morrslieb.

      A HUGE thank you for the mention, I'm very pleased that you've been enjoying our work and I hope you and many others continue to as it progresses. It's been a little slow lately. Work and all that jazz. But I have managed a little more progress on the witch. Just waiting on that blasted drill to make my rope. Sculpting it by hand seems like such a chore!

      Those miniatures look amazing, I might have to order some myself! Good find, Ana! /thumbs up

    3. Splendid - some more grotesque work from you brush!

      Thanks for the tip about Mannikin studios - think I have to get a few of those models


      1. Thanks Hans!
        That Manninkin Studios mini I mentioned ordering arrived this morning, so I'll take a couple of pictures and write a few words about it in my next post.

    4. Those Troggy's look revoltingly good, well done!