Tuesday, 23 April 2019

CCXVIII. Inq28: Grey Knights

Brother Gabriel and Brother Dante - Ordo Malleus reinforcements for my Inquisitorial warband. Inquisitor Morbray will need them for a campaign that's just around the corner (yes, there will be a report afterwards).

They had to be done quickly since I don't have much time these days - so I had to keep it simple. I found some monopose Primaris Space Marines, gave them head swaps, extra purity seals, and a few more little changes. The gorgon relief on the breastplates is copy-pasted from a Dark Elf shield (already had these moulds from my AoS project). I could have easily left out that detail to speed things up, but I think it makes a huge difference compared to an unadorned breastplate or to keeping the original aquilla. It was worth it. Converted them in an evening and gave them a quick paintjob the next day.

Their look was based on this Blanche sketch:

The new brothers look alright with the much more heavily converted Brother Jonas. The colour scheme, paint style and matching details like caps and purity seals tie them together well enough.

 *   *   *

I also have this fellow to show. Finished sculpting the gargoyle: stretchgoal #2 for the Kickstarter. I'm looking forward to eventually using copies of this while building my cemetery gaming board. Next year, perhaps...


  1. These are great! Immediately recognized the reference.

  2. Putting the "grey" back in "Grey Knights"! They look great, and I'm particularly impressed at how well they fit next to Jonas, given the difference in shoulders.

    And yeah, I was so excited when I got the email with the gargoyle pics. Such an adorable little thing!

  3. I agree with you the breastplate detail places the models very well.

  4. Always good to see more paintjobs inspired by John Blanche's work and you've done it with such finesse.

    That's a great gargoyle, excellent sculpting!

  5. Great work on the Grey Nights. Your style suits them well here.

  6. Excellent. I love the chest detail and I have been wondering about doing something similar for an Ultramarine project...I may try this method!