Friday, 31 August 2018

CLXXXIV. Corpse on a Stick and a Demon Sculpt

I have been homebrewing rules for my Folda warband, and that inspired me to paint something for them again. This grisly trophy is made up of remains of a yellow-robed cultist of Vvolos. Janos the Cannibal, an infamous ghoul witch hunter, likes to display these to strike fear into the hearts of worshippers and creatures of chaos that would threaten the kingdom.

I used a Chainrasp, brass rod, antlers from the Blightking kit, and putty. I'll make more of these, eventually. And a ghoul witch hunter who carries a stack of these and plants them around the battlefield.

*   *   *

Newest finished sculpt: a demon. I wanted to sculpt a beastman, but things took a turn and I ended up with this. What can I say, that's Chaos for you...


  1. Corpses here! Getcher corpses here! Onna stick! Get 'em while they're fresh!

    Sorry. Anything "on a stick" makes me think of street vendors ;)

    I really like that daemon. It's got a combo that I've always loved in Chaos stuff, where there are a few things that are parts of other things, but fused together, and then other elements that are just completely out of nowhere.

  2. It's been a while since I came by your blog, and I'm really not disappointed by my return visit. I love your stuff and it's massively inspiring.

  3. Love the demon. Reminds me a bit of a Taro Okamoto sculpture.

  4. Scary and dreadful, truly enjoyable.

  5. That beastman looks as surprising as chaos should! Great work on both him and the corpse :)

  6. Excellent painting AND sculpting skills. I'm so envious.