Tuesday, 30 May 2017

CXXVIII. Lucanus cervus

A quick diorama project for the upcoming Black Queen painting competition here in Zagreb. There is a diorama/duel category, and the two stag beetle bucks I bought recently from Ral Partha seemed like a fun thing to do as a simple scene. I estimate the scale to be something like 1:2 or 1:3.
Took a few WIP photos:
The branch/log is DAS clay over a polystyrene core, with a few tree roots for the smaller twigs. The wooden base came from a hobby shop.
I carved the bark texture on the sides with a sculpting tool when the clay was dry. I used plaster to tidy up some parts - that's the white stuff you see in the photo.
I primed black and then white on top. The top part of each beetle was painted separately and glued on near the end of the process. The moss was added after painting the branch. It's flockage from Noch and dark moss tufts from Gamer's Grass.


  1. That's a really original take on the usual "duel" concept! I like the quite stark highlighting on the edges of the armour, too. The sculpting and painting on the bark is excellent.

    Good luck in the competition!

  2. Very interesting and off the beaten track... yet somehow it feels like it fits right in with the "them" of this blog.
    Excellent work!

  3. So cool! I love your out of the bow ideas and how you go about your projects! :) Very inspiring

  4. Excellent idea, just as deadly as two dragons, if only to themselves.

  5. Beautiful work and a fun diorama.

    Good luck Ana!

  6. Good luck the competition and be sure to take some photos and let us know the outcome!!!