Saturday, 8 March 2014

LIV. The Troglodyte Shaman

This has been quite a hectic week, with me rushing to meet several deadlines, the new semester beginning and whatnot. But I managed to scrape together some time to do a bit of hobby work (mostly late at night). I made a Shaman for my Troglodyte faction.

I went through my box of unpainted plastic goblins and picked one with a suitable pose. After removing his weapon I replaced it with a staff (made of brass rod and a little bit of green stuff to make the ends look more natural). I decorated it with a couple of heads from the Plaguebearer kit, and to the top of the staff I tied a metal ring using a length of very thin wire.The bones around his neck come from Empire State Troops.

 He definitely needed some more detail to make him stand out as a hero. Mushrooms seemed like something a shaman might carry around, so I put them on his belt. These are pins, cut to length and covered in a few layers of white glue. The glue makes the shapes less sharp and more organic. I got the glue idea from the way Don Hans makes his wonderful chaotic scenery, as explained in his blog
Another detail I added was a little fish skeleton. I found this in my bits box; it's metal and I'm pretty sure it came off one of my old metal River Trolls. This should be fairly simple to sculpt from scratch, though. I'll do just that for my next Shaman (there will be another one shortly). And the final bit I put on his belt was another metal ring. These guys like to collect metal objects, since that's something they don't see every day where they come from. I'll explain more of their backstory and inspiration for them soon enough. 

Along with the Shaman, two more regular Troglodytes joined the crowd. The crew is coming along nicely.

*   *   *

It's March 8th, so happy International Women's Day to all the ladies among my readers!

Today is also the final day of UMS "Agram"'s annual exhibition I announced here a couple of weeks ago. For all those of you who didn't have a chance to go see it I have some pictures: 

This is the building where the gallery is situated.
A cabinet dedicated entirely to Malifaux.

Most games played in the Club are represented. For example, these two glass cabinets hold some Mordheim, LoTR, Warhammer Fantasy Battles, Warhammer 40K and Bloodbowl.

Gardens of Hecate has a whole shelf to itself. I'm hoping that next year I'll have twice as much stuff to put here.
Bell-ringers haunting a graveyard. But the Doctor's undead hounds seem to have picked up their scent.
The Countess and her Spirit entourage emerging from a forest.


  1. Great Shaman conversion! I never realised how much potential The Hobbit Goblins had for conversion! I may have to grab a box! The exhibition looks amazing. I imagine you're very proud to be a member of your club.

    1. Thanks Jordan!

      Those Goblins are an excellent kit indeed - just like you said: they have a lot of potential. With ease they could fill the role of ghouls, post-apocalyptic wasteland mutants, diseased zombies, Nurgle daemons, Gnoblars. With some extra effort one could even use them to reinvent Skaven or Beastmen... GW's designs these days seem so uninspired and sterile and dull (of course, there are some exceptions). And skulls. Skulls everywhere.

      Hmm...Actually, this Beastmen/Skaven thing I just mentioned sounds like an interesting challenge. Since I'll have some spare Goblins I think I might give it a try just to see what happens. ; )

  2. The Shaman is very cool. Simpel, but effective! Like him!

    And concrets for the exhibition shelf. :)

  3. Another fantastic paintjob from you. I'd like to make one suggestion though. It would be very interesting to see the converted miniature before painting. It would make your readers (especially those who don't know how the original miniature looks like) appreciate all the work you put into conversions.

    1. It makes sense; I'll try to do that more in the future. Thank you for the feedback, Viruk! :D

  4. Nice to hear my fanatic gluing comes to good use :)
    Great to see the whole "Garden" together - looks great!

  5. Another great conversion of such an underrated series of figures, well done.