Friday, 26 April 2013

XVIII. From the Sketchbook

I've been thinking a lot about the backstory lately. I haven't yet completely figured it out, but here's a short introductory text I came up with:

Gardens of Hecate... A most desolate place. Nothing to see but dark, grey earth, the heavy sky above it and the vast forests and plains in between. Nothing to hear but the rustle of leaves and silent whispers of fading apparitions, haunting the ruins of their towns and villages long ago destroyed. This is where I stroll when I awant to be alone with my thoughts.
But I wish to tell you of the old days: on the brink of the events that brought an end to every beast, bird and man. The years of war and of plague. When fire rained down from the Heavens, and the dead crawled out from inside the Earth to take the living back with them...

Also, here's a peek into my sketchbook, where I put down ideas for characters, conversions, rules and scenarios which might some day be played:


  1. Great work!
    There are some wicked ideas there and you're sketches are beautiful. I just loving looking through other people's sketchbooks :)