Stray branch of humankind- a species that belongs to the same genus of hominids us humans do, and that inhabits subterranean caves. They manufacture and use tools and weapons of stone and bone, but they don't possess the technology of metalworking. Because of this, metal objects from the world above are considered a luxurious treasure. In their cave complexes, Troglodyte workers farm fungi for food and keep herds of blind beasts that inhabit the underground as their cattle. Up until recently they could rarely be seen above ground, and when they did come out it was generally at night. But now something is making them emerge.

The ruler of each Troglodyte colony is the Mother, a hulking, obese creature which regularly mates with drones and spawns fresh Troglodytes. She is worshipped as a living godess. A Mother is too heavy to move on her own, and possesses neither eyes nor ears; just a mouth to feed through. However, she has telepathic and telekinetic abilities. This enables her to perceive her environment through senses of her subjects surrounding her, and when the need arizes for her to move she does it by levitating. She also communicates telepathically, but only with the chosen few individuals- the Shamans.   

The Shamans are Troglodytes gifted for the spiritual and use of magic. It is through them that the Mother speaks, and they are figures of authority among their kind. They are able to conjure fire and travel to Spirit worlds, and in addition to that it appears they have the ability to resurrect their dead.

Troglodyte Brutes are the fighter caste, much larger that the puny Workers and Shamans.Their role is to protect the colony from natural threats, such as dangerous creatures that inhabit their subterrainean environment. Brutes are few in number. They are grown from workers by feeding them specially prepared plant mixtures over an extended period of time. They are guards rather than an army.


  1. Love 'em. How did you paint the buggers?

    1. Cheers! Hmm, that was years ago so my memory on that is a bit fuzzy. I believe it was Rakarth Flesh, brown and black washes and Typhus Corrosion, and then Rakarth and lighter highlights in the end.