The Countess is a member of the old noble familiy Vérzőfarkas. With her husband, count Waywode, engaged in the War that rages on the borders of the empire,  the lady is left to her own devices in the safety of his castle in Gardens of Hecate. She is a person who loves being the centre of attention and very much enjoys throwing and attending extravagant parties visited by the highest classes of society. At one such gathering where she was a guest, she took part in a seance. This mysterious, morbid and spectacular event impressed her most deeply, and she developed an interest in spiritualism and the underworlds. Since then, Castle Waywode had been visited by many esoteric  guests as the Countess sought to learn as much as she could of her new subject of interest. Eventually she succeeded in entering what she calls the Spirit World, and which is one of the deeper Underworlds. Nowadays she is able to visit it at will. What she also learned was how to summon its denizens and bind them into her service through ancient heathen rites.

The Countess' main obsession, and her main motivation, is her search for everlasting life, beauty, youth and wealth. This desire for carefree immortality had been present in her since her early teens, and has only grown stronger with age. She is very interested in alchemy for this particular reason, and takes every opportunity to gather arcane knowledge and powerful artifacts that might help her in her quest. A small army of Spirits and the abillity to wade through an Underworld both come in very handy in this respect. Especially since she often has competition to fight off. Though she uses her occult knowledge and skills to create awesome entertainment for her aristocratic party guests, she keeps the true nature of her hobbies secret from the public. These days, when influence of the Church in the Empire is growing stronger and stronger, not even the highborn are safe from persecution.  

The Countess.
The past failed attempts at achieving her goal through an assortment of magical and unmagical means have (ironically) had an unfortunate effect on the Countess' physical appearance. All her hair had fallen out, her skin has an unnatural hue, and her eyes are colourless. In order to conceal her grotesque visage, she maintains a magical illusion that prevents anyone from seeing her true face.

The spirits in the Countess' service come in different shapes.

The Beast.

The Countess is able to use a spell which severs a part of her soul and releases it from her body for a limited time. The soul fragment manifests as the Beast. The creature is an ethereal violent monstrosity, a potent ally in battle. The Countess oftentimes sends the Beast out at night, to roam her county while she sleeps. This practice is not entirely without risk, because if the Beast is harmed then so is the Countess.

The Übergheist and Gheists.
Gheists are generally tiny, harmless spirits, wisps of a kind, who serve as messengers and eyes to the more powerful spirits. They accompany the Countess, circling around her and keeping her from harm. The Übergheist is a unique Gheist. He is the Countess' 'totem' on her travels through the Spirit World. 
The Custodians are spirits of ancient nobles. The Countess is usually accompanied by a pair of these tall, dark figures wherever she goes. To avoid frightening the general populace, in public they will wear a magical disguise much like their mistress does. Alhough, even when they look human they still make a person feel uneasy in their presence. The Custodians are intelligent, ruthless and loyal.

A pair of Crimson Sphynxes.
The Sphynxes are among the most powerful spirits in the service of the Countess. In life they used to be warlords. They are large and menacing, quadrupedal and with a pair of strong wings. They are not fit for long flight,  but are able to cover large distances by leaping and gliding.

Mór Vérzőfarkas.

Lord Mór was killed more than a hundred years ago, fighting off the Hassanag invasion. His red suit of armour, decorated with the family colours and crest - the bleeding wolf, was brought back to his province along with his remains. Mór was not buried in it, however, but it was kept on display at the seat of the Vérzőfarkas' to inspire his noble descendants. Now the Countess summoned his spirit to wear it once more...

A pack of Ravenous Bloodfiends.
Ravenous Bloodfiends are spirits of warhorses from ancient times. Legends say that warriors of old used to feed their steeds with flesh, thus turning them into fierce carnivorous beasts...


  1. Impressive...most impressive. I must say, your miniatures are among the best I've seen this year, so I'll try and copy some of your ideas in my own projects :D Don't get mad, copying is the ultimate form of admiration :D Well, I remain green with envy, especially when it comes to the Countess, the Beast and the Red Cross Fatso.
    Thanks for inspiration!

    1. Dziękujemy! :)

      I wouldn't mind that at all, and I would really like to see what you come up with. Do you have a blog/gallery of your own somewhere?

  2. Blog? Gallery? Nope :D

    Maybe someday, but not now... Unfortunately , I'm not quite happy with my minis.

    Sretno ;)

    1. Shame about that. Well, if you ever change your mind about this and end up publishing something, just drop me a link. :)

  3. Wow! You are really good at this! love the sculpting and converting! /christian af bjärgö

  4. I love your imagination. These characters you've created have entire stories within them, without even needing the words. Great, subtle conversions. And the way you have painted that silk dress; wow! I'll be borrowing lots of your ideas!

    1. Thanks, Stuart! I'm happy my work inspires others.

  5. Incredible work! Inspirational. I have only just discovered your work through a blogger pal of mine. May I ask where you got the neck ruffles from for the Countess? I'm taking part in an international group project called The Chapel and I'd like to add more female NPC's. Any help or advice would be much appreciated. Keep the amazing work.

    1. Thank you! The ruff was sculpted with green stuff. I actually made a tutorial on how to do it, because a lot of people had the same question. You can find it here:
      Have fun!