Gardens of Hecate is an independent setting I have been gradually developing since 2012. The blog bears the same name because its initial purpose was to document this very project. However, as one can see, I later began branching out into other, unrelated projects. Gardens can be roughly described as a baroque horror-fantasy setting. The project has so far yielded several warbands of converted tabletop miniatures, a collection of tabletop scenery, some artwork, gaming implements such as playing cards and tokens, numerous pages of backstory about my characters and their environment, and more.


Click here to learn about significant places in the setting, such as Castle Waywode or the town of Heron. 


The Countess is a member of the old noble familiy Vérzőfarkas. With her husband, count Waywode, engaged in the War that rages on the far borders of the empire,  the lady is left to her own devices in the safety of his castle in provincial Glassfog County. There is much more to her than meets the eye; click here to find out what she is up to.


The Plague Doctor is a brilliant physician and alchemist, educated at the renowned medical school of the Imperial City. But in spite of his great potential things turned out so that upon finishing his training he returned to Heron, the provincial town he originated from. There he opened a practice, got married and settled down. Unfortunately, seven years before present day the Doctor was robbed of his family in an outbreak of plague that decimated the town’s population. Scarred by the tragedy, he buried himself in his work. Click here to learn where this work led him.


Stray branch of humankind that inhabits subterranean caves. Not possessing the technology of metalworking, they manufacture and use tools and weapons of stone and bone. In their cave complexes, Troglodyte workers farm fungi for food and keepas their cattle herds of blind beasts that inhabit the underground . Up until recently they could rarely be seen above ground, but now something is making them emerge. To learn more about the Troglodytes click here.


The Fair Folk are an ancient people unrelated to humans. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes: from a couple of inches to the height of a house. They inhabit and rule wild areas inaccessible to man: deep forests, high mountains and some of the upper underworlds. Mankind generally fears them and avoids contact with them. No wonder, since they have been known to trick, injure, kill, kidnap and transform humans, not to mention eat them. To learn more about the Fae, click here.


Click here to find out about both the mundane beasts and supernatural horrors that inhabit or occasionally venture into the forests, fields, and even towns and villages of Glassfog County. 

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Though my favourite part of the hobby is designing, converting and painting models, I also like to take them to the table every once in a while. From the very start, the idea for this project was to eventually use the warbands in little narrative campaigns. It took me five years to get there, but in January 2018, Monstrous Births was played. It was a three-game linear campaign in which a friend of mine took the role of the Countess as she investigated unusual happenings in Volovska Weald. To read the story that resulted from the scenarios, click here. I used modified Malifaux rules, with custom stats and abilities for my miniatures.

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