Somewhere in the Realm of Shadows there is a group of large islands, quite isolated from other lands. There, people live in numerous small countries - many of them just a fortified town surrounded with villages that feed it. The rest is forests and hills and bogs, with monsters and barbaric, wild peoples roaming about. The countries often war amongst themselves. Some countries are ruled by vampires. The city-state of Folda is one such country. It is inhabited by deluded ghouls who believe themselves to be human.

Abhorrant Ghoul Queen Ligia the Ever-living, sovereign of Folda.
Arpad the Depraved, Prince of Folda.
Crypt Horrors: knights Sorin the Vigilant and Janos the Cannibal.

Crypt Ghouls. Servants and soldiers of Folda.

*   *   *

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