Somewhere in the Realm of Shadows there is a group of large islands, quite isolated from other lands. There, people live in numerous small countries - many of them just a fortified town surrounded with villages that feed it. The rest is forests and hills and bogs, with monsters and barbaric, wild peoples roaming about. The countries often fight amongst themselves. Some countries are ruled by necromancers. The Cult of Vvolos comes from one such country - Turm. They worship a mysterious demonic prince who calls himself Vvolos. The Cult's core is a council of necromancers.   

Iulia Docta-Sophosse is a humpbacked hag of unknown age. In the hierarchy of the Cult she does not rank too high. Her band of undead minions is small and her House not very influential. However, she harbours an ambition become a member of the council that governs Turm. Vvolos demands gold and souls as sacrifice. Like many other necromancers, Iulia sets off on expeditions of looting and raiding to procure what her daemonic patron wants. But she also seeks knowledge for herself, and prestige and wealth that come with success.  

Iulia hopes her expeditions will help her advance through the ranks of the Cult of Vvolos, all the way to the top. Her apprentice seems to be plotting something. Nothing out of the ordinary in that society; it does not worry her. But it might soon be time to get rid of him and find a fresh one again... 

Iulia Docta-Sophosse's retinue:

  • Ikorid, necromancer's apprentice. Ikorid follows his mistress and works hard on learning the craft. Some day, when the time is right, he will assassinate her and take over her House... 
  • Dacre, Carteret and Maubenc, cultists of Vvolos. Cultists have the mark of Vvolos branded on the backs of their shaved heads.Whereas higher ranking acolytes wear yellow, ones of lower status dress in dark-coloured robes.
  • Bargest, a large, black, reanimated dog; a fitting pet for a necromancer. To make the beast even more frightening, Iulia treats its mouth and eyes with a luminous preparation of phosphorus that gives it the appearance of a phantom hell hound. 
  • Ieronym, Albrecht, Wilhelm, Kettelhelm: skeletal minions of the necromancers. Unlike living warriors, skeletons have the advantages of needing no food nor rest and never feeling pain. However, the magic that animates them requires a certain effort to maintain and their gear and bones ask for periodic cleaning and repairs. The latter is normally the task of apprentice necromancers.  
  • Sir Bosc Machen, a death knight.
  • Sir Cain de la Mare, a death knight.
  • Gorostas, an undead barbarian.   

Vvolos bestows special knowledge on his more powerful cultists. One kind of thing they are given is mastery over some of Vvolos' daemonic underlings. The yellow-robed sorcerers know how to summon certain daemons. If the complicated rite is done correctly the summoned daemon must obey the summoner and aid them in their tasks. Daemons do not enjoy this, and will gladly turn on their controller if they are not careful enough and somehow botch the summoning and binding ritual. Messing with these otherworldly creatures of Chaos comes at a cost.

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