AoS28: The Isles of Brume

The Isles are my own dark little corner I carved within the larger Warhammer: Age of Sigmar setting. It is an islolated group of islands in a perilous sea somewhere in Ulgu, the Realm of Shadows. On the Isles of Brume, people live in numerous small countries - many of them just a single fortified town with villages that feed it. The rest is forests and hills and bogs, with monsters and barbaric, wild peoples roaming about. The largest of the Isles is known as Erebos, followed in size by Nys and Morros, and then many more smaller islands and rocks.


Some countries are ruled by necromancers. The Cult of Vvolos comes from one such country - Turm. They worship a mysterious Daemon Prince who calls himself Vvolos. The Cult's core is a council of necromancers. Click here to learn more about Cult of Vvolos. 


Folda is a feudal city-state inhabited by deluded Ghouls who believe themselves to be human. The sovereign of this country is Abhorrant Ghoul Queen Ligia the Ever-living, a vampiric abomination. From the ruins of a large castle, she rules over a population of ever thirsty blood-drinkers and ever hungry flesh-eaters. Click here to learn more about the Abhorrant Ghoul-Queen's Court.


Volmar sits on a mountain on Erebos, and is inhabited mostly by Duardin and Kobolds. People of Volmar are well adaped to their high-altitude life. What their own efforts at agriculture cannot supply, they trade for the riches they discover in their mines. Click here to learn more about Volmar mountain-folk. 

A vast necropolis built on the isle of the same name, Mirrogoi is a burial ground for dignitaries and saints of many Brumean states, and a place of pilgrimage for the berieved and the devoted. Governed by the Pontiff and Lich Priests, and guarded by legions of Deathrattle, it is a dangerous place for the uninvited. Click here to learn more about Mirrogoi Deathrattle.


Gargants are solitary brutes, scattered across the isles. But long ago they used to have a kingdom of their own on Erebos. Its name was Legen, and of it, only stories and ruins remain. Click here to learn more about Brumean Gargants.



The isles are home to a wide variety of wildlife and monsters. Click here to learn more about some of them.

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Though my favourite part of the hobby is designing, converting and painting models, I also like to take them to the table every once in a while. These models are usable, and indeed used, with a variety od rulesets other than WH:AoS. Many of these warbands were initially created with one specific ruleset in mind, but were later gradually expanded for use in others as well. For example, Cult of Vvolos was composed as a Frostgrave warband, and the Mirrogoi Deathrattle started as Sepulchral Guard for Shadespire. Combining allied warbands from my collection even allows me to field smaller armies. 


Legen is a collaborative project I'm doing in 2018 with a group of friends. The goal is to meet for a multiplayer game, for which we are specifically creating warbands, board, terrain and backstory. The encounter takes place on the isle Erebos, and pits knights of various Brumean realms against a herd of marauding Gargants in the midst of their raid on an unfortunate human village. Click here to access all posts related to Legen.


AoS28 or Dark Age of Sigmar (DAoS) is the fantasy counterpart of more widely known Inq28, which explores the lesser known aspects of the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Inq28 has become a term that describes not just a particular game but a whole approach to the hobby: an approach that puts creativity and imagination first. AoS28 is an attempt to bring that same approach to the Nine Realms. Check Ex Profundis for more information.

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